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The Big Prescription

Balancing The Three Principles of Enduring Health

In the No.1 best-selling book “The Big Prescription”, Dr. Shan Hussain describes a natural approach to sustainable health.

He explains how imbalance leads to illness, and how you can restore and maintain your health easily and naturally without pills or potions.

He specifically describes simple, natural and powerful ways to:

  • Increase your energy
  • Enjoy effortless and refreshing sleep
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Lose excessive weight
  • Improve your confidence
  • Have better relationships
  • Develop a sense of calm
  • Feel more resilient
  • Have more presence
  • Improve your physical strength
  • Reduce your chances of falling ill
  • Discover mindfulness
  • Have more fun!
  • …and so much more

What people Are Saying…



“This book literally is life transforming… it will help you to not only add more years to your life, but also more life to your years.”

 Foreword by Loren Slocum, Mom, Author, International Speaker


 “This is a brilliant book – If people followed even just a small portion of what Dr. Hussain here says, they wouldn’t have half the illnesses they have. It’s well written, clear, easy to understand and thorough yet not long.. Really a gem… I will get copies for my loved ones.”

Ed Strachar, The Philippines 



“Every household should have one of your books… I love it, thank you very much.

Carol W, Nottingham, UK



“If you want a great healthy life, this is THE book to read and apply what you learn. Written in a non pretentious, very easy to understand and straight forward way. Often so many books are just too preachy. Dr Hussain has managed to simplify and distill down the core elements of a healthy life. There is something for everyone here. We all start our journey to fantastic health somewhere and Dr Hussain offers simple, easy to follow advice.

 “Great Health is not rocket science and with Dr Hussian’s decades of medical experience dealing with all kinds of health matters we too can have the benefit of his knowledge and experience.

 “To sum up: Get this book, read it, apply what you learn and watch you health improve. It’s that SIMPLE.”

-Michael De S, Amazon Customer


“Life changing – I can only start by saying that I am humbled to personally know the author. His book has been instrumental in changing my outlook on my life, priorities and choices that have a positive and long lasting effect on my life. Thank you Dr. Hussain.”

-George P, Boston, MA 


“I am blown away… Your ideas behind consumption beyond what we physically put into our body, as well as the fault vs. responsibility perspective on your state of health stood out to me especially.”  

-Doug Crowe, Thailand


“This nifty little book is truly transformative. In just one month I lost 14 pounds in weight, and I feel 10 times healthier and happier than before.”

-Natalie G, Lake District, UK


“Brilliant read with easy to follow advice to take on board to lead a healthier life.”

-Lyndsey H, Nottingham, UK


“Superb short book, no waffle, concise health advice that is accessible to all, easy to read, not buried in scientific or technical details, not padded out with the author’s ego. Modern medicine can be a complex topic, this author takes a refreshingly broad-minded look at the big picture, how millions of people could be making better day-to-day lifestyle decisions which, across a population, could have such a profound positive effect on our national health burden.”

KJ Whitfield, London, UK



“A wonderful, insightful book with clear and sensible advice! Well recommended!”

Amazon customer, UK



“I love this book, it’s such an easy read. Using scientific evidence, philosophy, medical anecdotes, and a good dose of common sense, it explores what you can do to look after your well-being both physically and mentally. I found it very inspiring, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I’ve already put several ideas into action.”

Leonie C, Nottingham, UK



“Working as a General Practitioner, this is the book I wish I could give to all my patients. Pragmatic advice that will a make big difference to your overall well-being. Fantastic read.”

Amazon Customer, UK



“When I first read ‘The Big Prescription’ I thought I already knew a lot of health, energy and living a healthy lifestyle.

“WOW. What I never “got” was the “big picture,” or like the book says, “the big prescription,” and how simple it could be. I had tried many different diets and health programs and the problem was the “yo-yo” effect. I would go in streaks of eating good and exercising and then falling off the wagon. What this book did was give me 3 major areas to focus on that I had never thought of before, AND a simple process that I incorporated into my life immediately after I learned it!

“I’ve been using it for 3 months now – almost unconsciously – and it’s made a HUGE difference in how I feel every day, and really helped me have way more energy, simplified my daily routine, be in a great frame of mind – and actually helped me connect with friends and family on a much different level because now I realize how the “big prescription” really is about your entire life being better. 

“I highly recommend getting this book and trying it – even if you’ve already studied health, and especially if you’re looking to finally reclaim your health and start living a healthy lifestyle. This will give you a new, and much simpler perspective, and very easy steps you can use immediately so you can start feeling stronger, have more energy, and really wake up every day full of life ready for a new day.”

-Doug Allen, San Diego, CA


“A refreshingly easy read with good advice on achievable well-being goals.”

Paula B, Nottingham, UK



“I came across this book by accident, it has given me no-nonsense advice which I have taken on board; “The Big Prescription” has been a must read for me and would I recommend to anyone looking for a starting point in improving their health and wellbeing.”

-Amazon Customer, UK



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